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Top Rated Binary Option Brokers

If you want to invest in the binary option trading, you need to hire a professional and experienced broker for buying or selling the shares and stocks. There are hundreds of binary option traders in the world and each one of them claims to be the best among all but here we are providing you the best traders in the world. This selection is made with different parameters and mostly it’s based on the reviews their customers have left.

Here is the list of the world’s Top Rated Binary Option brokers:

  1. OptionsXO:
    This is one of the leading binary options broking company in the world and it operates from Cyprus. OptionsXO is kind of a new company in the option trading but with the few years it has spent in the market, it has acquired huge number of investors around the world. The online website of OptionsXO was launched in 2012 but it has progressed more than any other trader in the world and the basic reason behind this success is that OptionsXO operates the trading infrastructure that is based on the learning from the mistakes that other traders have made over the past couple of years. There are number of features that distinguish OptionsXO such as it offers doubling the profit of all the investors and if someone wants, he can close his account prior to the expiry date. In the same manner, OptionsXO also offers the investors to increase their expiry dates.
  2. OptionBit:
    optionbit-reviewOptionBit is one of the top binary options traders in the world and it is operating for quite some time. Recently the official website of OptionBit was reconstructed and now the visitors and their clients experience a better user interface and the ability to understand the basics of binary option trading in a convenient way. OptionBit is the first ever broker in the binary option trading that offered realistic features of money management and analytic tools to the investors so that they can make better choices. Most of the brokers have the same working platform for their investors but OptionBit has the most amazing, easy and completely different platform among others. Along with number of other features, OptionBit offers its customers and investors to close their accounts before the expiry date and in the same way, anyone can extend the expiry date of his account.
  3. EZTraders:
    eztrader logoOne of the experiences and skilled broking agency is the EZTraders that has spent number of years in the binary option trading. It is functioning for quite some time but the online user interface or the website along with the working platform was established and launched back in 2008 and from that time, many changes have been made to the website in order to provide more ease to the customers and providing them the experience of their life. After the recent construction and upgrading, you can see that their platform is more attractive looking and the options are made much easier. If you are asking something unique about EZTraders, you can experience number of trading options here along with different expiry times and the best thing about this particular trader is that you can open an account with an expiry date of as short as 15 minutes.

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