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Resume Writing Tips

Resume is a written document which serves as an initial contact between the employer and the candidate. It is basically a personal advertising document. Candidates have a chance to trap the employer’s attention and win a job interview call from the employer. It is the very first step towards a successful career. People seem very confused while writing a resume. Some people fail again and again to get their desired jobs even they are skilled enough to perform a certain job only because of submitting a non-serious resume.

Here is provided a set of very helpful tips for all the people who are facing the problem of writing an appealing and job winning resume. By following all these tips, it is surely easier to get the job and a chance to prove yourself. Let us take a thorough view of these tips and resolve all the issues caused due to deficiencies in the resume writing. Here is a collection of best resume templates that can easily be used by anyone to create compelling resume.

Before Starting Writing the Resume

  1. Purpose of Resume: First of all make a clear image of purpose of the resume. It means to understand the nature of the job for which resume is to be written so that all further information may be provided in best accordance and achieve the relevancy requirement.
  2. Make a List of Skills and Accomplishments: It is better to prepare a draft list of skills and accomplishments and then make a careful selection of the job related skills and accomplishments required by employer. It will help to prevent irrelevant information.
  3. Rational Selection of Key and Action Words: It is a basic requirement of a resume to include key words. Resume should create an impression that the candidate is well aware of the job related terms. Another basic requirement of a resume is to carry action verbs. Candidate should make use of action verbs to present them as active and competent person. Some sample key words may include participated, launched, introduced, created, established, organized or supervised etc.
  4. Quality Paper: Fine quality of paper should be used to write a resume.

Start Writing Resume

  1. Opening Statement:  Resume should be started with writing an excellent and appealing opening statement. Opening Statement or Objective Statement must be very convincing and compelling. Be very careful in writing the resume objective. Clear and solid opening statement will help the candidate to trap the reader’s attention.
  2. Personal Introduction: Next section after the opening statement should include personal information about the candidate. It includes name, address, e-mail address, contact number, city and state. Be careful that personal information strictly does not mean marital status, personal interests, age or height should be mentioned. Irrelevant and extra personal information should be avoided.
  3. Key Accomplishments and Experiences: All significant and job related accomplishments and achievements must be included and highlighted in the resume. It will show competitiveness of the candidate and attract the employer to let the candidate join the position and prove his abilities. This section will demand the use of those selected key words. It makes it easier to write this section with help of that draft prepared before starting the resume writing.
  4. Avoid Too lengthy Sentences and Paragraphs: Resume should not include too length sentences and paragraphs. Employers may not have extra time to go through irrelevant work stories and too lengthy sentences which do not make a clear sense.
  5. Organized, Logical, Concise and Relevant Information: Employers demand all information in a well organized way so that they may judge the candidate even with having a bird’s eye view on the candidate’s abilities and move to the next. Concise and relevant information serves this purpose. Do not allow the irrelevant information to creep into the resume.
  6. Focus on Needs of Employer: Candidates should focus on what they can do for the employer rather than stating the previous responsibilities and focus on their key skills and abilities depending upon the nature of job.
  7. Do Not Mention Salary Demands: Mentioning the salary demands may create an odd image of the candidate therefore it is better to leave this discussion for the interview day or later on. There is some reason of doing so. It is quite possible that the candidate demands less than the employer’s offer therefore, candidate should wait for the employer’s offer.
  8. Personal Traits: A separate section stating job related personal skills will assist the employer to directly judge the candidate’s capabilities and analyze whether to call him or not.
  9. Add Other Heads: It adds value to the resume by including other heads that can support the candidate to impress the employer. These heads may include trainings, certificates, awards, research, co-circular activities etc.
  10. Proof Reading: Grammatical and other logical errors will destroy the whole image of candidate therefore deep interest and care should be involved in scanning out all such mistakes. For this purpose, the resume should be gone through the proof reading more than twice. It is much better to get it checked by a senior or professional person to ensure its accuracy.
  11. Limited Length: Normally accepted length of a resume is two pages. It should not be exceed from this length and this objective can be achieved by scanning out the information included in the resume and proofreading.

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