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Key Elements of Official Business Memo

Memorandum is an important official document that is designed on a specific format of business notifications, official letters etc. It is important to carefully write official business memo because wrong format and phrases can decrease the importance of memorandum. Formal version of memorandum should be followed to avoid potential errors. Standard memorandum is usually divided into different segments to organize information in effective way. Following are few key elements of official business memo that should be considered while writing an official business memo:

Heading Segment

Official business memorandum should be started with a proper heading in the following format:

  • To: (Name of readers and job titles)
  • From: (Name of writer and job titles)
  • Date: (Current date, month and year)
  • Subject: (Highlight the main subject of memo)

Opening Segment

Opening paragraph of memorandum is important, because it explains the basic purpose of business memo. The first paragraph will define:

  • Purpose of memorandum
  • Context and problem
  • Specific assignment or task

Brief introduction of the main subject of memorandum is important to give an overview to reader about memo. Purpose of memo should be clarified for the reader in a comprehensive but concise paragraph.


Context refers to background, circumstance or occurrence of the problem available to solve. Few sentences are enough to explain everything about context of memorandum. Clearly write according to the requirements of readers. Go and check out some quality free memo templates to download for free.

Task Segment

It is an important segment of memorandum therefore carefully derives task statement. In this statement, you will explain all important steps that you are going to take to solve problem. Write all essential details to take right decision to solve real problem. Do not waste your time in useless details because to-the-point and accurate details are required to design a professional business memo.

Summary Segment

Length of official business memo will be based on its subjects and requirements of subject. If your memorandum is more than one page, it is important to design a separate summary segment. This section is specifically important for longer memorandums but for memos, it is not important to write brief summary. Summary section should include key recommendations of the memorandum. This will prove helpful for your reader to understand main subject of the memorandum.

Discussion Segment

It will be the longer portion of the memorandum and this part will include complete details in the support of your subjects and ideas. This section will contain vital points, key findings and recommendations. Start with general information and gradually move to important facts with supporting details. Do not forget to include strong and weak points to persuade readers and to recommend a specific action.

Closing Segment

After writing complete details, a courteous closing is important to give an official touch to the business memo. Closing segment should provide useful information to reader about desired actions. For instance, you can write, “It will be source of great pleasure for me to discuss it with you during our upcoming meeting and I will explain lots of points to make your decision making process easy”.

Important Attachments

Do not forget to attach necessary graphics, tables or any other important document with business memo.

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