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4 Free Emergency Contact List Templates

Emergency employees will help after catastrophe strikes, but they may not be able to achieve everyone right away. That’s why it’s so important to be prepared to thrive on your own for at least 3 times during a critical. This may mean having another accommodation, additional meals, water, first-aid and other primary needs. We can’t manage natural mishaps, emergency situations, or enemy strikes, but we can be prepared for them and know what to do and how to manage ourselves and our liked ones. Emergency contact lists are brief, mostly 3-digit number that can be quickly kept in mind and quickly called.

An Emergency Contact List is one of the most important things that will be added in a “in the case” that are simple to put aside and ignore about. But if sufficient time comes when you need it, it’s important that the details are updated. Who should be on your emergency contact list? Anyone who you would want to be informed regarding an emergency, as well as anyone you might need to achieve for support. Ensure that you have work, school or care provider emergency contact details as well. Consist of those individuals who you might need to take on certain obligations, like picking the children from university. Quit and think about where your folks are at all periods of the day, and consider who those key individuals might be. While every family’s record will be exclusive, here are some rudimentary recommendations of who should be on your emergency contact list:

  • Health Insurance Details – together with phone number; add the insurance policy data and policy number to the Notices field (this helps make it simple to find your info rapidly during schedule doctor’s visits!)
  • Nearest Emergency Area – phone and address
  • Institution or Child Care provider for every child – phone and address
  • Guardian’s contact details – home, work, cell numbers
  • Family members/close friends/neighbors – home, cell numbers
  • Family contacts, like sitter/child care professional, animal sitter (You could possibly hold these in an independent category at the same time)
  • Altering services, like Gas Company, Alarm Company, electric company, locksmith, plumber, Water Company, roadside assistance (You could possibly keep these in an individual category in addition)
  • Physicians for all family members – phone and address
  • Dental surgeons for all family members – phone and address
  • Animal medical practitioner for all pets – phone and address

Include essential info for each friend in the Notes field of their own contact, like birth date, height/weight, allergies, and any medical conditions. Emergencies and disasters can occur anytime without warning. The more you are ready for them, the greater you will be capable to respond, minimizing panic and confusion when an Emergency occurs. If an Emergency happens, it’s essential to have a strategy for you. Creating an Emergency contact list, making a plan for your close relatives and having an urgent kit on hand are the most significant things you can do to prepare yourself. Your close relatives may not be together when an Emergency happens, so it is essential to know how you will get in touch with one another, how you will get back alongside one another and what you will do in case of an Emergency.

Here is our collection of Free Emergency Contact List Templates available online.

emergency contact list 1

Click here to download this Emergency Contact List from Microsoft website.

Here is another good looking Emergency Contact List created to help you with this very task.

emergency contact list template

Click here to download this Emergency Contact List

Here is a collection of 7 Free Emergency Contact List Templates available for immediate download.


Click here to download these Emergency Contact List Templates

Here is another good looking Emergency Contact List Template created using MS Word.


Click here to download Emergency Contact List Template

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