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Debt Scams and Debt Relief

Debt relief scammers always remain in search of those people who are already in difficult financial straits. They give these people hope to con them into paying big bucks in return for reducing their current debt burden. There are several debt relief and consulting firms to provide debt relief services to needy people. This is an important sector of financial industry but there is a problem that this sector is hotbed of fraud and deception. Therefore I suggest you that if you are seeking for debt relief service then you should have necessary knowledge of scammer tactics. Following are some instructions for finding accurate debt relief services:

Do Some Research

Do not trust any debt scammer blindly because there are lots of companies claiming for these services but most of these are frauds. One clear indication of fraud is high fee and insistence of credit counselor. Credit counselor who calls you on phone raises a red flag. Legitimate debt relief agencies do not call you out of the goodness of their heart no matter what the salesperson on other end of the line says. Do not give your confidential information over phone without investigation about reliability of person. It is best to contact a local bank or chamber of commerce to ask for a referral to a local agency.

Be Aware of Internet Scammers

It is a negative point that internet is teaming up with scammers who send different emails and make promise to reduce debt, lower monthly payments and interest rates etc. Some offenders are very creative and use their skills to create authentic looking websites. If you receive unsolicited emails that offer you debt relief, do not believe them. Delete these emails and block senders. These fraud scammers setup these links in a way that with just one click you can transfer to the site that try to leach your private information from your computer.

Don’t Rely on the Reviews of Satisfied Clients

Satisfied clients serve as backbone for the success of any service-oriented organization and debt relief organizations are one of them. Some sites adds reviews of their satisfied customers but these can be fake so do not believe on these glowing testimonials. Get your own references by inquiring your acquaintances, religious groups, social clubs or your neighbors.

Talk to Your Agent

Legitimate debt relief agencies give their client choice to negotiate to reduce their debt fee. Before contacting a credit counselor, call your creditors to explain whole situation. Request a reduction in your balance or a lower interest rate. Make it clear that you are in dire straits and your next move is to consult a credit counselor. Several creditors will work with you in order to recover least part of your money.

If you want to save you money then it is best to check for standard interest rates because the fake scammers charge more money. You can call to National Foundation of Credit Counseling (NFCC) to find ethical debt relief counselor in your community. Moreover, if you find any fraudulent debt relief scams then report this to your State Attorney.


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