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Analysis of Modern Spam Techniques

Spam is one of the biggest problems flooded on internet in order to grab the attention of those people who are not interested enough even to open your message. Spam is inundating on internet in the form of different copies of same compelling message. These are frequently found in the form of commercial advertising with dubious statements such as make money in one day, earn at home, reduce your weight in one day etc. Spammers require really little cost to force maximum people to hit them. It is considered as a huge difficulty for all internet marketers and it is becoming dreadful day by day because it can block important details on your website.

Everyday new spamming techniques are coming into the market therefore it is necessary to have proper solution to deal with them such as you can use content-based filtering for your website or blog but this is not sufficient. Different tools and techniques are available in the market to hack the anti-spam programs. These programs help them to approach their required application. Some powerful programs are still in the designing process to fight against spam. Currently different techniques are used to prevent spamming but every technique has its own positive and negative affects. It is necessary to have an analysis of modern spam techniques to get maximum protection against spammers:

Blacklist Technique

Blacklist also known as blocklist refers as a list of those users who are specious and are not allowed to visit your website or any program. In this technique, users who are generating spam are recognized by their IP address and blocked immediately by the email filtration system. This technique only blocks blacklisted users while the rest of the people can easily visit the website.

Whitelist Technique

This technique is quite conflicting to the blacklisting technique. In this technique, visit and access of users are approach and controlled by their addition in the whitelist. Typically, whitelist contains those people who can visit the website at any time. Only visitors of whitelist can visit or comment on the website and the rest of the users are blocked by system automatically.


CAPTCHA or code verification is a modern way to control spam therefore it is necessary to include CAPTCHA in your web design. It can effectively block the way of unwanted users, robots, automatic software and any other spammer. Only human eyes can easily identify the CAPTCHA image cross out background noise therefore it is considered as easy way to save your website from spammers.

Spam Filter

This is a server based program that is used to install on your website for automatic filtration of spam messages. These types of filters can effectively block incoming spam and inspect the visitors according to defined rules and regulations. Spam filters automatically delete spam messages after a specific time period.

Spam Firewall

It is another effective technique to block access of private networks and unauthorized IP addresses. This can be in hardware or software form or can be a combination of both but it is equally effective to control spam.

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