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Allstate Insurance Complaints

Allstate deals with 13 major lines of insurance, including auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, and commercial insurance. Allstate also offers retirement and investment products, and banking services. Here we shall provide you details of Allstate Insurance Complaints to assist you in making your decision to choose any company for getting insured. We assure you that having a glance on Allstate Insurance complaints will really be proved helpful for you. Details of Allstate Insurance Complaints are given below;

  • Kara from King City

Allstate Claims office failed miserably with customer service on his claim. They erroneously paid out to the other driver involved in a minor/non injury accident, without what Kara believes was an investigation. They took statements from both of the persons, but did not take photos of Kara’s car or the street where the accident happened. There was no police report. Furthermore, Kara had a witness and he was not interviewed. The claims office sent Kara a letter (after weeks of no contact) stating they had found the accident 100% Kara’s fault for an illegal lane change. Kara immediately contacted a supervisor and disputed the process, and how it was handled. The supervisor acknowledged poor customer service and apologized. Kara then wrote a letter disputing their findings. The street this happened on has one way traffic in each direction; therefore he could not have made an illegal lane change. Kara feels very frustrated with the handling of this claim and wants this report filed officially with an outside agency.

  • Lynne from Benicia

Lynne’s daughter was in a car that was hit by an Allstate client. The date of the accident was February of 2006. They still have received nothing from Allstate!

  • Marry from Piedmont

On March 30, 2009 at 1430 est. Marry was in her 2000 Ford Mustang (red) driving in the far right lane of a three lane road when MARRY hit a white F-150 going at least 40 mph. MARRY didn’t even see it.
Well her husband and she both went to the ER and she had to have a CAT scan (she had a huge lump on her forehead), and her husband hit his chest on the dash, and his whole chin was swollen and he had bad whip-lash. Then they had to go to a follow up doctors and she had to have two x-rays of her shoulder and arm and her husband and she both were told they needed to go to physical therapy. Anyways, her accident was on Monday and they didn’t get monthly rental until Thursday she missed a day of work and then she had to bum a ride to work. Then the adjuster came to her house to look at her car and told her that it was totaled and told her that her 2000 Mustang with 20 rims, CD player, aftershock headlights and tail lights was only worth $3,300.

Marry called his supervisor and complained and said that she was not going to accept it. He just called her back today (Wednesday) and said they cannot pay any thing more than the $3300/-. Her loss is worth of $10,000/-.




In the eyes of our experts Allstate Insurance has captured good market and intending to extend it. They are offering affordable policies. They have become very popular. Complaints from the customers is normal thing in ordinary course of business and it is always suggestable to conduct market survey before taking any decision regarding taking policy of an insurance company.


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