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Administrative Assistant Job Rewards in UK

Whatever the location/region, the Administrative Assistant job positions remain fixed with their basic responsibilities and criteria. Majorly their duty is to provide assistance and help to the admission officer in anyway. United Kingdom is also one from the best paying locations in the world to the career beginners. ‘Administrative Assistant’ is a formal title that involves a wide variety of functions and positions inside. UK also covers a lot of definitions and job titles for the entry level position ‘Administrative Assistant’ like the following:

  • Human Resource Assistant
  • Accounting Assistant:
    • Finance Accounting Assistant
    • Accounts Payable Assistant
    • Accounts Receivable Assistant
    • Clerks:
      • Data Entry
      • Typist
      • Sales & Marketing Administrative Assistant
      • Technology Administrative Assistant
      • Executive Assistant/Secretaries
      • Receptionist
      • Project Assistant
      • Production Assistant

Some of the positions under Administrative Assistant jobs are either not defined with any definite title or they are working without any professional qualification, but their main duties remain same under any condition. The only thing that can make a difference between qualified or non-qualified administrative assistants can be their salary average. Mainly they work to:

  1. Answer telephone calls
  2. Send/receive mail and packages
  3. Data entry and filing
  4. Send/receive fax
  5. Record keeping and maintenance
  6. Research and feedbacks

Salary Survey for Administrative Assistants in UK

UK paid £20,575 to
Administrative Assistants
in the year 2010.

Like any other standard job position, Administrative Assistants positions also have specific job requirements under different titles. Different job titles, education, qualification, location/region and size of industry make the difference for their average salaries in UK. Different surveys are conducted to collect the salary information about different regions of UK, so it varies based on different factors. They work 8 hours a day, 250 days a year under a standard office setting. An average hourly rate for a standard Administrative Assistant position is estimated £10.29 for the year 2010 in UK. Based on the surveys conducted in 2008, 2009 and 2010, there is a considerable change in the average salaries that you see in the table below:


Salary Rate







+20% as compared to 2008



-16% as compared to 2009

On average, people under this position can earn £20,575 living at UK. More details of the survey conducted during the year 2010 about average salaries are shown in the table below. This report will definitely assist you to make your career decision and negotiation:


Salary Rate

London £23,680
South East £18,075
Yorkshire and North East £22,430
North West £13,900
South West £14,275
Northern Ireland £12,825
East England £16,440
Midlands £18,085
Scotland £16,550


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