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A bad Resume can Kill your Chances

A resume is something that presents you in front of a stranger and convinces him to meet you in person. Some professionals say that resume is a documented process through which you sell yourself to a totally stranger. You have probably heard the phrase that “first impression is the last impression” whether it’s true in the real life or not but it’s certainly true in the job application and recruitment procedure. When there is an opening of a job, thousands of applicants apply for a single vacancy and whether you believe it or not but it’s a fact that the recruiter doesn’t have that much time to thoroughly read and process each and every resume. Research shows that in a recruitment process, a resume gets about 5 to 8 seconds of review time and if it doesn’t convince the reader in that duration, it’s going into trash. You have to create a resume that catches the eye of the reader in the first 2 to 3 seconds and makes him to read the entire resume deeply.

bad-resume-kill-chancesMany people express their anger towards a company in which they sent their resume but didn’t get an interview call or in other words, their application got rejected. The problem is that they are pretty sure that they added all the required ingredients into their resumes and didn’t make any mistake but unfortunately there are some misconceptions that people have in their minds. People always make mistakes on their resumes and the worst thing is that they have no idea that it’s a mistake. Here I am going to discuss some of the common mistakes that can kill your chances of getting a job and no matter how much qualified you are or how great is your experience, if you have made any of the following mistake, your resume will be thrown in the trash immediately after the first glance.

  • Length:
    first of all the size matters when you write a resume. Some people think that it increases the chances for them getting the job if they explain everything in detail and add long paragraphs which shows the real you. It’s a big misunderstanding as you have to keep the resume short and precise. Nothing kills a resume more than lengthy paragraphs and dense sentences.
  • Explaining your background but not the expertise:
    it happens all the time that when one write a resume, he or she writes everything about their past ranging from their first job as a waiter/waitress in a coffee shop to the recent diploma you have earned. This way that person is telling everything about his education and different jobs he or she had but not the experience he gained their or the skills he adopted at the previous jobs.
  • Wrong chronology:
    it’s also a big mistake people make in their resumes as they choose the wrong template or format and when their application gets rejected, they say they told the truth on the resume that they have no experience they why they got rejected. The thing is that you did it right by only telling the truth but the way you told it, that was wrong. There is a template called educational resume which is used if you don’t have any previous experience and emphasizes on your education and if you didn’t use this template, you should blame yourself for choosing the wrong format.

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