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5 Free Maintenance Contracts – Samples and Templates

Most builders cannot articulate the long term functionality and security of the construction in their buildings, therefore a proper maintenance is mandatory to keep a check on vulnerable damages. Maintenance of the Building means, the building should possess the basic security and cleanliness. Therefore it is necessary for the constructer to implement the maintenance plans for a secure and satisfying living environment. It is said that surveillance can be purposefully combined with inspection for maintenance. A legally verified building maintenance contract is thus designed to carry out smooth maintenance procedures

The maintenance obligation will make the builder to carry out the maintenance in a proper and efficient manner and in accordance with the legal specifications described in the contract; The law enforces about the materials to be supplied by the builder will be of optimum quality and suitable for the purpose of their utility and, unless otherwise stated, new materials will be purchased; All legal requirements should complied while the construction is being done and while the constructed premises is being maintained. The maintenance should be carried out with proper care and skilled efforts and regular inspections should be done on the prescribed dates. The maintenance inspection and procedures should not interfere the occupant’s privacy and no violation to the terms is permitted in any circumstances.

Building owners have a legal duty to ensure that every essential safety or health feature installed in a building, any essential safety or health measure or any other prescribed features or measures applying to a building are maintained so that they continue to operate to the standard to which they were originally required to perform.  The building maintenance contract legally assigned the duty to maintain the features and measures on the property.

Maintenance is a continuing liability and different legal inspection periods are prescribed for different types of tasks.The frequency of examination and maintenance of the building structure is specified in the legal clauses. For all buildings essential safety and health features and measures implementations are obligatory. The performance level, frequency of assessment and type of maintenance required is stated in your occupancy permit. A functional maintenance schedule must be prepared for the owner or occupier by a qualified individual. The nature of maintenance depends on the intricacy of each safety feature for multifaceted troubles, specialists will be asked for a proper maintenance.

The Building Control compliance staff has powers to inspect buildings, documents and maintenance records and they can interview owners or occupiers.  Offences are applied under the Building Act or Regulations against non-maintenance or non-compliance with the building maintenance contract. Like, in case of failure or prevention to maintain the prescribed features or measures. Penalty is applied if the authority is failed to create the annual maintenance statement and/or non –proper conduct in maintaining records is assessed. Any non-compliance in the area of infringement notices, or prosecution will ask for a fine with good amount. If the non-compliance is assessed on higher level than it is possible that a legal order is released to Evacuate a building, proscribe the occupation of a building. In some cases the owner is directed to implement necessary building work with repair and maintenance for every safety feature…This may also order the authority to implement fire safety procedures.

Here is a Maintenance Contract Sample that can easily be customize-able to any State of USA.

Maintenance Contract Sample

Click here to Customize and Download this Maintenance Contract

Here is another simple yet professionally drafted Service Contract Template that can easily be modified to draft your Maintenance Service Contract. Here is preview and download link for this Maintenance Contract Template,

Service Contract Template

Download Service Contract Template

Here is a good looking Maintenance Contract Template created to help people in preparing their own Building Maintenance Contracts easily and effectively. Here is preview and download link for this Building Maintenance Contract,

Maintenance Contract Template

Click here to download Building Maintenance Contract Template

Here is another good looking Consultant Services Contract that can also be used to prepare your own Maintenance Contract easily.

Consultant Services Contract Template

Click here to download Consultant Service Contract Sample

Here is another simple service contract template created using MS Word.

Services Contract Template

Click here to Download Services Contract Template


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