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3 Proposal Samples to Buy a Business

If you want to buy a company or a business that you think you can run and manage in a better way, you need to create a presentation and present your proposal to the business owner. It is very important that before you present your offer to the owner, you do good homework on the proposal.

Brief Description of Proposal to Buy a Business:

There are many reasons for which you don’t want to meet with the business owner unprepared because if you want to convince him, you should have real facts and figures about his business. Usually when it comes to purchase of a business or company, you first need to locate the owner, contact him with your intentions and see if he is ready to sell his business or not. This is very important that before you proceed with your proposal and spend time and resources on the research and creation of the offer, you find out if the business owner has intentions of selling his business because if he doesn’t there is no need to go through this process and waste your time on it.

If you have done this before, it’s great because you know what to do and how to do it but if you haven’t done it before, it is important that you first understand what’s important in this situation and how you should present your offer to the business owner. For example, you don’t need to be cruel in the offer letter by stating his bad business methods and bad conditions of his company but you need to stay positive and appreciate his efforts for his business.

Free Business Proposal Template

Here is a good looking free Business Proposal Template available to download easily in MS Word format.

Business Proposal Template

Key Elements to include in the Proposal to Buy a Business:

  • Name of the person who is putting an offer on the business i.e. buyer with complete address
  • Name of the owner of the business with complete address
  • Date on which you are writing the proposal letter to the seller
  • Details of your proposal for the purchase of the business with specifics and particulars
  • Specific offer that you want to put on the business
  • Reasons of purchasing the business
  • Some key points of your research on the business with real facts and figures
  • Signature of the buyer with full name and date

2 More Business Proposal Templates

Here is a collection of Free Sample Proposal Templates shared by hloom.com,

Music Business Proposal Template

Here is a very simple yet an effective Business Proposal Plan template created by bplans.com,

Business Plan Template

Useful Tips for Writing Letter of Proposal to Buy a Business:

  1. Determine if you should buy the business or not:
    Before you put an offer on the business, understand and evaluate your business. You should understand first if you really want to buy the business or not.
  2. Locate the owner and contact him:
    After that, ask who the owner of the business is and after locating him, contact him and fix a meeting with him.
  3. Present your proposal to the owner:
    In the meeting with the business owner, present your proposal to him and let him go through it properly.
  4. If he is convinced, ask for the financial books:
    If you feel that the business owner is willing to sell his business, ask him to provide you with his financial books i.e. ledgers and accounts receivable so that you can estimate the worth of his business.
  5. Put an offer on the business:
    After analyzing the actual value of the business, put an offer on the company and negotiate with the owner on the offer.
  6. Negotiate on the purchase terms and conditions:
    Once you and the owner agree on a specific price for the purchase of the business, negotiate the terms and conditions of the transfer of ownership of the business and sign purchase agreement with him.

13 Free Sample Investment Proposal Templates

I have just found a great source to share. Here are 14 Free Templates for Investment Proposal Templates available for immediate download on a click of your mouse. Here are previews of some of them for your review,

IT Investment Proposal template

Here comes another proposal sample.


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