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3 Free Lunch Menu Templates

Menu that has food items specially designed for lunch time are lunch menus. Lunch menus can be prepared for weeks and months. Those prepared for a month can either be revised at the end of the month or can remain the same for the following month. Lunch menus are usually prepared for schools by their administration. Or office managements also go for preparation of lunch menus for office employees. Moreover lunch menus can be informal that can be prepared by mothers at home to avoid the everyday hassle. Lunch menus also vary in their layout depending upon the environment in which they will be used. Lunch menus for offices will have significantly different outlook than the menus for school kids. So those who are given the task of preparing lunch menus must consider these things.

School menus are prepared keeping in mind the following things.

  • Nutrition
  • Hygiene
  • Health requirements

Due to the growing obesity-related health problems, governments are awarding high penalties on school for not providing health and nutritional food to kids. This has enforced school managements to carefully design the menus. As children mostly like eating junk food so schools have invented various ways to prohibit children from eating such stuff and promote healthy eating habits. This also involves the careful selection of food items in the lunch menu. Food items that are healthy yet children love to eat them are selected as lunch items.

  • Soup
  • Salad
  • Burger
  • Sandwich
  • Pizza

These are the items most liked by children and hence take the place in school lunch menus. Whereas these items are highly responsible for health problems in children so extreme care is taken while selecting ingredients for these dishes. Like usage of whole wheat, bran rice and brown sugar can reduce the content of artificial sugar while giving enough energy and nutrition. School lunch menus are prepared with the collaboration of parents, nutritionists and teachers. Taking the input of all stakeholders reduces the risk of unhealthy and non-nutritional food intake. Also it helps the children in studying with interest and devotion. Because healthy body possesses a healthy mind.

Here is a collection of Free Lunch Menu Design Templates ready to be used by anyone for personal or professional use.

menu template 1

Download this Lunch Menu Template

Here is another good looking Drinks Lunch Menu Template,

Drinks Menu Template

Download Drinks Lunch Menu Template

Here goes another good looking and healthy Lunch Menu Template offered for free.


Download this Lunch Menu Template

Lunch menus are not made for schools alone, employees in companies also have their lunch at office premises so the office administration makes lunch menu as well. There are number of options from which company owners can choose from. They can either outsource this task to fast food chains to deliver the lunch to office in form of separate packages for each employee. Or they can hire a full time chef for planning the menu as well as preparing the lunch. Templates for lunch menu are available online. They can be used for taking ideas and manipulating a menu suitable to the needs of company. Owners usually charge their employees for this service on monthly basis. After all this a service worth paying for because taking home made lunch everyday can become very difficult. So employees should avail the lunch menus made by offices for employees.

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