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11 Elements of a Job Description Form

If we were to put together a formula to come up with an ideal job, the equation will state the value structure plus skill plus workplace first choice equals to a perfect job. You must add some entertaining element as a catalyst to accelerate this ideal job formula. The job should contain some challenging factors which an employee loves to dare. A valid and well-composed job description contains the following elements

1.       Job title and classification
A clear cut title for the job should be displayed to let the employee know his designation and authority. The job description should mention that whether this position has to deliver direct reports and where this position resides on the organizational chart.

2.       Sketch all job functions and responsibilities
Try to compliment the responsibilities with the performance of the employee’s duties. The job descriptions describe the necessary tasks of the positions applied for. Be precise and try to keep the task descriptions limited to one to two lines. A straightforward statement should describe the key responsibilities associated to that position.

3.       Begin with a Verb:
While writing a documented job description, it is very effective to initiate with an action verb. This will impact the employee what to perform during his job.

4.       Add benefits:
To influence the mind of the employee positively, the job description is narrated along with the benefits for example you can write .supervise the operational team during the manufacturing procedure to ensure flawless productivity.

5.       Skill identification:
A good job description logically states the skills required to perform those tasks.Moreover, additional skills or training requirement for some special skills should be listed systematically.

6.       Listing Experiences:
The experience field of the job description should clearly identify the type of experience needed for the accomplishment .This can also demands for the special certification or education if necessary.

7.       Pay specifications:
The most readable terms in the job description is about the salary, bonuses and incentives .A clear approach while documenting such terms will save both the employee and the employer from future conflicts.

8.       Extra Elements:
Overtime, night shifts. weekends, off days  vacation time; health issues ; and response to  employee behaviors should be define clearly as a separate clause

9.       Working Hours:
A comprehensive job description should describe the working hours very clearly along with the overtime.It is obligatory to describe any distinguished environmental scenario to make the employee aware of the surrounding

10.   Traveling conditions:
Travel and trips should be mentioned if are necessary part of the job and how the company will manage those travel expenses should be stated concisely.

11.   Disclaimer:
The job description should end with a disclaimer that these responsibilities or description could be modified according to the subjected policies.

Here is a good looking Job Description Form created using MS Word. Please check on it to find its download link,

job description template

Every company states the job description according to its specification and to ease the long writing of job description electronic templates are available which are pre-designed and can customized according to the company’s strategies. Make sure to add your company’s title and logo before beginning to fill an on-line template of job description.

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