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10 Common Mistakes of Resume

A resume is a piece of document that shows your experience and skills in different field of works. It helps to get you in a new line of work and the key purpose of a resume is to get you in front of an interviewer. It’s like a document that presents your abilities in front of an employer and if it’s good enough, it will show your work experiences and helps you to find the job you like.

There are thousands of websites that help you to make a resume online without a lot of effort. On the other hand, you can do this by yourself and believe me, it’s not that difficult. There are many templates available to make a resume for different kind of work lines but the key factor is the same that whatever style you are using, it should enlighten your career achievements. People usually make some common mistakes while editing a resume and some of those mistakes are so serious that an interviewer wouldn’t even consider looking at your resume.

Here we are going to discuss the 10 common mistakes of a resume that can lose you the job you are applying for and these are as following:

1.     Discuss your achievements instead of responsibilities:
A resume is just a piece of paper that shows your previous job experiences. It’s not a book that presents story of your life because, no one cares about ups and downs you had in your past life. A resume is just like a first meeting and that meeting should reflect your achievements instead of your job descriptions and your duties.

2.     Don’t use more than one page:
The key purpose of a resume is to convince someone to take interest in you, consider you for the job and call you for an interview. When you meet someone for the first time, you don’t tell everything about yourself instead, you just let them know about the good side of you and resume is just like a first meeting. Leaving some questions behind will make the interviewer to call you. It’s important to keep your resume limited to only one page because no one is going to remember every detail when hundreds of people have applied for the same job.

3.     Don’t discuss your references until you are asked to:
Don’t give your references if someone hasn’t asked you for one. Every interviewer knows that you will provide references if he asks you. So wait until your employer asks you for references and that’s the right time to provide some.
4.     Eliminate misspellings and grammar errors:
Believe me, nothing kills a resume more than a spelling mistake or a grammar error. No matter how much experience you have or how big your achievements are, no one is going to call you if your resume has writing mistakes even a single one.


5.     Don’t include too much information about previous jobs:
Don’t tell the interviewer everything about your each previous job. Just add the relevant information that is necessary for the interviewer to know. There is no need to include everything you ever did like 20 years ago.

6.     Use relevant objective:
Avoid using such an objective that just doesn’t go with the tone of job you are applying for. Leave a resume that shows you are the best for the applied job.

7.     Eliminate repetition of same words:
Don’t use same words or sentences to describe your every job instead, use a variety of grammar to describe your different skills.

8.     Don’t use a complicated font or colored paper:
Don’t use more than one kind of fonts because it makes your resume look complicated and hard to understand. Don’t use colored paper because that will just distract the recruiter from considering your abilities.

9.     Don’t use a complicated email address:
Always use a simple email address that shows your professional side. Try to avoid complicated email addresses that that difficult to pronounce or understand.

10.  Don’t include personal information:
You are not applying to a marriage or dating site so avoid giving personal information like hobbies, likes or dislikes.

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