14 Free Business Memo Templates

memo template 05

Allow me to share with you these valuable 14 Free Business Memo Templates to assist you in writing your own memo. Memorandum is an important official document. People design it as per specific format of business notifications, and official letters. It is important to carefully write official business memo because wrong format and phrases can decrease the importance of memorandum. ...

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7 Free Non-Disclosure Agreement Templates

Non Disclosure Agreement Template 01

Download these 7 Free Non-Disclosure Agreement Templates to help you prepare your own agreement. This is a lawful agreement between two parties and contained intimate information that all the parties wish to disclose with each other. A Non-Disclosure Agreement is also known as a confidentiality agreement, proprietor’s information agreement, and secrecy agreement. But, the restriction is that, it should not be ...

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6 Free Salary/Pay Slip Templates

Pay Slip Template 02

Salary slip is a written document that is often given to the employees by employer at the end of the month. Your accounts department send this slip usually. This is use substantially for the rebate in tax, credit card, for loan and for new placement etc. The basic purpose to understand your salary slip is to Applying in new work ...

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7 Free Mastermind Resume Templates


Allow me to share with you my handpicked 7 Free Mastermind Resume Templates to help you prepare your own job winning resume easily. Before going to list down these free Resume Templates, lets dig down to some common mistakes to avoid in a professional resume. Elements that can leave Negative Impression of your Resume Before you get welcomed in for interviews, ...

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9 Free Website Cross Sponsorship Agreement Templates

Website Sponsorship Proposal Template 01

Sharing with you these Website Cross Sponsorship Agreement Templates to help you draft your legal agreement. Before jumping on the details of website cross sponsorship agreement, it is relevant to know the meaning of cross sponsorship. Sponsoring is a procedure whereby sponsor takes the responsibility to provide funds to an individual or a company. And in exchange of funds the sponsor ...

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13 Free Project Bid Proposal Templates

bid proposal template 04

A Project Bid Proposal is the process to assure an employer to give you project because, you are the right person for this project.  In this system you will compete with other skill holder persons to and competition is very strong in this task. If you will not make a good Project Bid Proposal than you may lose a very good project.  The main ...

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4+ Free Basketball Score Sheet Samples

Basketball Score Sheet Sample

Basketball is a very common and famous sport activity. This is a game that is played between two teams. There are five players in each team and the game is played with a ball. The score in this game is counted when a player of either team throws the ball through a hoop that is fixed at the both ends ...

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5+ Free Deposit Slip Templates

Deposit Slip Template 02

What is deposit Slip? A deposit slip is a written sheet that is used in banks to deposit cash and checks into a bank account. It requires the personal information of the depositor, then the depositor’s account number and amount of check, cash and coins that are being deposited. There are several steps to fill Deposit Slip is as follow; ...

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6 Free House Rent Receipt Templates


Here are Rent Receipt Templates available for immediate download. All these Rent Receipt Templates came Free Of Cost and Royalty.  You can use them or share them on your blogs. House Rent Receipt Format House rent receipt format is used to draft any kind of house rental receipt around the globe. These House rent receipt templates are available online. These templates ...

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4 Free Attendance Sheet Templates

attendance sheet template

Attendance sheet is considered the most important part in any organization. Attendance sheet templates contain columns and rows for user to fill in. The first column of the page contains the name of the employee, and the remaining columns contain name of the days. There is another column in which the employee has to write his working hours. Purpose of Attendance ...

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